This is my new favorite place, where I spent about 15 hours (I'm exaggerating...a little) working on my first project yesterday! It's perfect! The lighting is great, although you can't really tell from this picture, plus there's plenty of space for all the stuff sewers  need! Sewers as in, people who sew, not underground pipes for I see why they prefer the term "seamstress." Let's take a tour, shall we?
This is my cutting mat and rotary blade. It's pretty amazing how precisely it can cut fabrics. And these fabrics and ribbon mark my first purchase from the fabric store! *squeal*
This is how I use the cutting mat, I hope I'm doing it right!
These are all my notions and thread.
And this is the machine, itself! I was trying to think of a name for it, but I think I'll just call it "brother." That way I can reference Full Metal Alchemist's Alphonse and make Arrested Development jokes while I talk to it...hermano.
And if you will look to your right, you will see beautiful sunsets. Pretty great sewing nook, right?

Do you have a favorite place in your house to do work or crafts?

Susan Janek
01/07/2012 17:43

Molly how exciting - I remember putting together my first sewing kit for homemaking in 9th grade . My first project was a simple shift as they were called then. I bought pink cotton and a simple ruffle for around the neckline. It was also nice to have a grandmother like Granny Crosby to help - she was a beautiful seamstress and made most of my clothes - I was always dressed so smartly. Enjoy your new endeavor. Have been looking for another crewel embroidery kit to start on - you have inspired me to pick that up again. Hope you do take the time to learn to play the piano - I started lessons when I was in the 3rd grade and took till I was in high school - it is something that has stayed with me all these yrs. I still enjoy sitting down to the piano and playing.

01/14/2012 21:52

Thanks for the encouragement, Susan! Dad told me about Granny Crosby, too. It's neat that she was so important to both of you. I'd love to learn more about her.

That is my hope for learning piano, that I'll learn enough to enjoy playing for years to come!

01/10/2012 08:49

Love Love Love! Your sewing nook is perfect. I like all your supplies and the fabric you chose.

01/14/2012 21:59

Thanks, Grace!

01/15/2012 12:13

How absolutely wonderful! I love that wave-patterned fabric you've got, and your view out of the window is stunning. I hope the new year is treating you well so far :)

01/15/2012 17:06

Thanks, Allison! The wave patterned fabric is my favorite, too. I'm going to use it for another project pretty soon! I'm definitely enjoying the new year, and I hope you are too.


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