I loved being at the University of Chicago Divinity School. If I could do it all over again, I would worry less about what my classmates and professors thought about me, and more about the work I was doing. That might sound cliche, but it really is one of my greatest regrets. I still cringe when I think about some of the mean things I said just to make people feel like I was smarter than they were or read more than they did. I missed many opportunities to forge life-long friendships, and to be Christ's hands and feet to those around me. Thankfully, God is merciful and I can look back on this time as a sober reminder to try and not make the same mistakes again.
This is Swift Hall, the building in which the Divinity School is located. It's gorgeous, right? I got to go to classes here every day! 
This is Bond Chapel, right behind Swift Hall. Have you ever seen so much Ivy?
This is the inside of Bond Chapel. It's such a beautiful and peaceful place. 
This is Harper Library, my favorite place to study. Unfortunately all the books I needed were in a different library, and this one had very few electrical outlets, so I couldn't spend all my time here.
This is Rockefeller Chapel. John D. Rockefeller gave UChicago like a bajillion dollars. Did you know, his son, John D. Rockefeller Jr.,  bought lots of land just to give it all to the National Park systems! I've been watching an insane amount of Ken Burn's documentaries, lately. I highly recommend them.
This is the Quad on a snowy day. They didn't do a really good job of keeping the sidewalks  clear. I actually slipped and broke my elbow one winter! 
This is Swift Hall again, now dusted with fresh snow. So picturesque! 
This, my friends, is a library card from a book I checked out. Can you imagine my excitement when I realized David Aune, himself, checked out the very same book! *swoon* and way back in 1968! I'm sure the other guys are great too, but Dr. Aune's work happened to be a huge help to me on that research paper. I seriously considered keeping that library card, but decided not to, so the next checker-outer could be as excited as I was.

Don't you kind of wish they still used this card system? Now, no one will know whether the brightest minds of our generation checked out a book! 

Once again, thank you for allowing me a venue to process our upcoming move from Chicago. I can't imagine it's very entertaining, but it has been really helpful for me. So, thanks!

05/21/2012 10:19

Molly you will never know how much I have enjoyed reading this and seeing the photos. It has made me feel a part of a very special niece's world. Look very forward to having you both back in TEXAS.

05/21/2012 21:32

Susan, thanks so much for your encouraging words!

05/23/2012 13:36

Wow, Hogwarts really looks beautiful in the snow.


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