Yesterday was a less than perfect day. It's funny how on days like those little bits of beauty are much more poignant and moving.
Like this sweet little guy! I stared out my window and watched this teeny hummingbird for a good 10 minutes. I'm going to miss him when we move!

Other little things that made my day.
-Jared and I spotted a little bunny which is plenty cute, but then Jared said, "wook at that wittle bunny wabbit!" Cuteness overload!
-Being given the freedom to vent at a book group I go to with ladies from church. And that they listened sympathetically and genuinely want to be posted on how things turn out.
-Going to Chipotle. We go there so often that the people who work there know us. I love seeing their welcoming smiles of recognition. It makes me feel like I'm living in a small town!

What little things can turn your day from bad to good?

06/13/2011 15:41

This is going to sound really trivial, but 1. painting my nails, 2. turning up the music for a living room dance party, and 3. putting a slice of lemon in my water glass. Love the bunny rabbit story :)


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