My 26th birthday is in a few weeks. Elsie, over at A Beautiful Mess inspired me to create a list of goals to accomplish before my 27th birthday. So I sat down with a text file and brainstormed! I'll share my goals over the following days before my birthday. I'll also keep you all posted on how these goals are coming along. Wish me luck!

1. Bake a loaf of sandwich bread from scratch.
I've made pie crusts, pizza crusts, corn bread, cake, cupcakes, brownies, breakfast breads, scones, but never a plain old loaf of sandwich bread. It's the yeast and the rising and the kneading that scares me.

2. Make naan.

I love Indian food. It's probably my favorite food. I love all the creaminess and spiciness. I'm working on becoming a better Indian food cook. I've only made dal shorva and (very inauthentic) samosas, but I feel like if I can make it over the naan obstacle, I'll be a better person for it. : )

3. Knit a Shale Baby Blanket.
Image from Brooklyn Tweed
Isn't it gorgeous! I love the combination of cables and lace. It was designed by celebrity knitter, Jared Flood. I've never knit any of his designs before, because I've never been anywhere close to good enough to understand his patterns. But I'm feeling more confident this year now that I learned how to knit cables! Looking at that picture makes me inhale deeply through my nose, close my eyes, and exhale. I really think it's that beautiful. Someone has to have a baby though, before I knit it. You can't just knit baby blankets for no particular baby, that's weird.

Do you like making goals? Does it inspire you, or make you feel stressed and discouraged? I usually don't make specific goals like this, so we'll see how it goes! I'll post more soon!

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