Big news! We're moving to Austin! We're both really excited to be moving closer to home, but it's been an emotional roller coaster processing that we are really leaving Chicago/'Burbs. We've been here for 5 years! Our entire married life! Not only are we going to miss friends and favorite places, but I really associate being in Texas with my childhood, and it's kind of weird thinking of myself as an adult, married woman in Texas. I didn't really expect that would be so weird to me.

So, I feel this overwhelming urge to look back on the last 5 years and really remember how blessed we've been. Since our time in Chicagoland isn't something we share with the rest of our family, I'm afraid we'll slowly forget it over time and our future kids won't feel any connection to a place that is so dear to our hearts. Expect a lot of old pictures and long musings here in the next few weeks!

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