This week Jared and I ate the following meals:
That's it! I made double portions of each and it fed us for lunch and dinner every day this week. Perhaps a bit redundant, but easy, cheap and delicious.

I've never been a big chicken salad person until this month. I spent Labor Day weekend on the beach with family. My brother in law made a chicken salad which made a perfect sandwich for the beach. Can't you picture it? Lounging on a sunny beach, being cooled by the sea breeze, eating a creamy, peppery chicken salad sandwich with just a touch of sweetness. *sigh* So, back home in landlocked Chi-burbs, I've been craving that tropical dish. I bet I'm the only person who would call chicken salad a tropical dish. Because my first true encounter with the dish was on a beach, it will always have that connotation. Lucky me! 

The Beef and Sweet Potato Turnovers, or as I like to call them "comb-overs" because it makes me giggle, are a great dish for the beginning of fall. The unlikely combination of beef, spinach, cheese and sweet potato melt together in the pastry to form a hearty, savory filling. It's a simple and satisfying dish. Plus, it travels well so it's perfect for lunch at work. 

For breakfast I've been eating Homemade Apple Pie. That's right, for breakfast, because I deserve it! My friend Alex and I baked two Apple Pies last weekend, pictures will soon be posted!

09/25/2010 08:09

There is nothing better than pie for breakfast ;)


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