Today Jared's brother Nathan and his wife Michele are being blessed by a baby shower to celebrate "little Peanut," our soon to be nephew! I wish we could be there! Thankfully, I was able to complete my gifts in time. Here's what I made!
Aren't you glad I finished this blanket? Now I can stop talking about it so much! Michele requested the Shale Baby blanket, a) because it's beautiful but also b) because she wanted to encourage me to finish one of my 26 before 27 goals. She's pretty sweet, right?
Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I promise that will be the last picture of the Shale Baby Blanket I post. So get a good look at it. I totally understand if you want to save it and maybe it make it your desktop background or something, I'll probably do that. *stares at lovingly, one last time*

Ok, moving on. I also wanted to give something for Little Peanut that would be a surprise to his parents so I made this!
*Squeal* Isn't it cute?! When I saw this pattern from Wild Olive I knew I had to get it because Little Peanut's nursery has an otter theme. The white stitches around the edge are to keep a piece of felt attached to the back to cover up the messy stitches.

Like I've mentioned before, I love makings things for babies. While I was working on these items my cheeks hurt from smiling so much! I can't wait to meet the little guy!

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