That's what this damselfly's name means, I think. This is a male Calopteryx maculata, also known as Ebony Jewelwing. 
He is so pretty! Damselflies are all over the place right now. You can't miss them. But because they are so tiny, it is easy to miss how beautiful they are. Next time you're walking through the park, you should take a picture of them. When you get home, you can zoom in on the picture. You will be so surprised at how intricate the design on their body is and how brightly colored they are. I was, anyway! It's like they're beautiful secret  fairies that have always been there but I've never noticed! 

My experience with damselflies and dragonflies reminds me of a Grandaddy song I used to listen to all the time. Give it a listen! You'll like it and it will make you smile.
This is not the music video, just a fan video. Did any of you notice the typo's? 

06/22/2010 08:58

Loved the song! Thanks Molly.


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