When I was in Houston for Delaney's birthday, I went through some stuff that my mom had from my grandparent's house. Guys, I hit the vintage mother lode! I could probably start a whole blog just about going through all those boxes. And maybe I'd do that if we lived in Houston. Instead, I'm going to show you guys the cream of the crop in the next few posts. So stay tuned!

Today, I'm going to start with my favorite photos.
This is my Pappaw. Handsome huh? He died last summer at 93 years old. I could go on and on about it, but I won't. If you're interested, just ask!
This is my Mammaw with Tim, my uncle. Mom says this photo was taken while they were living on the military base in Japan. Pappaw was a pilot in the Air Force. I love this photo. So many old photos are thoughtfully posed, and those can be nice, but a beautiful candid photo like this one is unique. Her hand is so gently reaching out to her baby, it reminds me of Adam in the Sistine Chapel.
How...cool...is...this...photo?! Mammaw and Pappaw really loved their time in Japan, and would often share stories of their time there. I love how intently they are watching the man. I wonder if he's explaining what they are eating or teaching them how to use chop sticks. I also love that their eating bento boxes, so cool. I'm a pretty big Japanophile, so this picture gets me really excited! 

If you, like me, have an irrational love for things Japanese, you will love the next post. I can't wait to share it!

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