I have this navy cover up that is perfect for the beach, but it's a bit plain. I was inspired by the anchor on the tag and thought an anchor applique would make the hoodie more unique and visually interesting. 

For Christmas I got an awesome book called Embroider Everything that comes with a lot of iron-on patterns. It has an iron-on anchor, so it was perfect! I ironed the drawing onto a white piece of felt, then decided what color I wanted the anchor to be. I decided to go with classic yellow.
Then I stitched up the anchor and cut off the excess felt.
Then I sewed it straight onto my hoodie! Easy peasy!
I was nervous about how the badge would hold up after being washed, but it still looks great! Seriously guys, everyone should get into needlepoint. I did this whole project in about two hours and all the materials are really cheap. Think about it!

FYI: I was not paid to advertise for Embroider Everything, but it is a really great book! If you are interested in needle point you should totally get it.

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