5. Read an entire work (something good), in Latin!

I'm a Latin teacher, for those who don't know, but...brace yourself...I've never read an entire book in Latin. Whew, it feels good to get that off my chest. So, I wanted to find a book that was really worth the effort and that I would thoroughly enjoy. Nothing too lofty or abstract. But I think I finally found something! 
Thisbe-John William Waterhouse
When I was at home for Christmas break, I found some old textbooks from college and one of them has selections from Ovid's Metamorphoses! My favorite story from Metamorphoses is Pyramus and Thisbe. It's essentially the inspiration for Romeo and Juliet, so, it's kind of a big deal. Not only is it a beautiful story in itself, but the Latin is so...charming! I can't think of a better word for it.  Reading it makes my heart race and I can't help but smile! Get a load of this!

conscius omnis abest, nutu signisque loquuntur,
quoque magis tegitur, tectus magis aestuat ignis.

Just read it out loud, don't worry about what it means. Gorgeous isn't it? muah! bellissimum! If Pyramus and Thisbe is this great, I'm sure the rest of the Metamorphoses will be delightful.

6. Now for an equally lofty literary endeavor, to complete the Buffy Season 8 comic book series!
This will probably be the easiest goal for me to complete this year, but I'm still super giddy about it!

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