Behold! The first official meme referencing episode 90 of Case Closed!!!
Man, isn't it great! It's a classical 4-panel meme set up, referencing an obscure anime, and it's simultaneously a montage to one of the best memes of all time, the O RLY owl. 

This video, from one of my favorite websites, details the rise and spread of the O RLY phenomenon. The first part is a little silly, but I assure you after 0:40 it is nothing but the most rigorous internet scholarship.
So, you can see why the o rly owl is so close to my heart, and why keeping up to date with memes in general is one of my hobbies. And so, now that I have my very own blog, I have taken it upon myself to create my own meme. But, it is only a meme if it is copied, you see. Hence, the name meme, from the Greek mimesis, meaning imitation. So, to further my quest toward memedom, here are some "exploitables" that you can copy to make your own memes and post on your own blog! One has no words, so you can add whatever words you want, and the other has words, with a blank final panel. Click on the thumbnails for the full size picture.
Alright! I have provided you with all the tools necessary! Go and create your own hilarious memes! Hopefully, yours will display better photoshop skills than mine. But be sure to let me know about it in the comments, and post a link if possible!

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