Ever since I saw Wild Olive's embroidery patterns, I knew I wanted to learn how to cross stitch.
Image from Wild Olive etsy shop. Click image for link.
Cuteness overload! (By the way, I asked Mollie, the Wild Olive shop owner, if I could use this picture, and she said yes and gave me the pattern, to boot! I was over-the-moon happy! Her shop is full of cute patterns and printable stationery, go check it out!)

So, I've wanted to learn to embroider for a while now, but the stars just aligned this week. This is what happened. 
1. Jared's mom was visiting and she was cross stitching. I really enjoyed watching her and it helped me understand what the process involves.
2. I had received a Michael's gift card and was waiting for inspiration to strike before I used it.
3. My sister-in-law Michele had given me cross stitching patterns she found in Martha Stewart Magazine because she remembered that I wanted to learn to cross-stitch. Isn't she sweet?
4. Then, this week, I saw this.
Image from Sam Gibson's etsy shop. Click image for link.
Gorgeous! Such exquisite detail, I love it. When I came across this image browsing the internet I said to myself, "That's it Molly, you can't live another day without learning how to cross stitch." I immediately closed my laptop, got into my car and drove to Michael's. I came home with this!
I only paid 60 cents! Aren't gift cards the greatest?! So after many hours, a bout of double vision (is that normal when cross stitching?), and a bloody thumb, I had this!
Certainly, not as good as Mollie's or Sam's, but at least you can tell it's a bird on a branch, right? To commemorate the occasion, I stitched my initials and year. I love how timeless the design is, unless I stitched the year on it no one would know when it was made! I'll be sure to keep you posted on my future embroidery projects!

07/26/2011 08:13

Hi Molly, I think you've done brilliantly, keep stitching dude!
Best wishes, Sam xx


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