Ok guys, I feel compelled to tell the story of our life in Chicago. So, I'm going to start at the beginning. It's a long story, so brace yourselves. But, hey, it's better than no posts whatsoever, right?
Jared and I first visited Chicago during Spring Break my senior year in college, 2007...or maybe it was my junior year 2006. I can't remember. You know it had to be 2006 because Jared and I weren't engaged yet. We traveled with our friend Nicolette, and stayed in my professor's/friend's house who lived in Hyde Park. His wife was very pregnant, like 9 months pregnant. I fell in love with Chicago on that trip, and I knew I wanted to live there some day. 
This is the house we stayed in on Dorchester. We loved the history of it and had such a magical time with the family who hosted us. 
Yep, my friend's wife gave birth (in her house!) while we were there. No big deal. We got to hold little baby Elias when he was only 12 hours old.
All these photos were taking by Nicolette. I didn't even have a digital camera then! I actually took a few shots during this trip with a disposable camera I kept from my sister's wedding, you know how sometimes they'll put out cameras for people to take pictures? Well, I'm selfish and just took one for my own personal use. Would you believe I still have never gotten those pictures developed? That's something I have to do before we move.

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