What a weekend! It was 0 degrees (or degree?) yesterday. Today, I am in the process of grading a pile of papers about 2 inches tall. If that doesn't sound like that much, get out a ruler, hold it perpendicular to a flat surface, and imagine pages filling that space, each sheet requiring careful scrutiny. Oh, I'll just save you the trouble.
But I shouldn't complain. The kids are doing well on their assignments, and that makes me happy. Plus, I've been imagining that I'm sitting in an adirondack chair digging my feet into warm, white sand and drinking a mojito as I gaze on the cerulean sea. That helps a lot. To further my fantasy, I've been listening to bossa nova all day! This is a ritual I have every winter since we moved to Chicago, but I forgot about it this year for some reason! Until Thursday night, when I was watching a weird Brazilian movie called Black Orpheus. 
Now, I had a perfectly good reason for watching such a weird movie, but before I defend my choice, I want to make it clear that I am known to watch strange foreign films for no reason at all and usually enjoy them thoroughly. One of my students is going to read Ovid's Orpheus and Eurydice myth (yes that's right...Ovid, my favorite Latin author whom I mentioned in a previous post, I am so excited!) and I was doing research on other versions of the myth and came across this film, which just happened to be in Netflix's instant watch category! I dropped everything and watched it, and I'm so glad I did because it was one of the most charming movies I've seen in a long time! 
See?! So sweet. Not only was it charming, it also had wonderful Brazilian music, which reminded me of my ritualistic brumal escapism. My artist of choice is Bebel Gilberto, the daughter of Joao Gilberto. I adore her! Here's one of her more famous songs.
*sigh* Doesn't it just melt the tension in your shoulders? I love it.

 Do you indulge in escapism? Whence do you escape and whither do you go?

01/24/2011 11:09

My college Greek Mythology class watched that movie, and I really enjoyed it, too! Imaginary escape for me usually involves lots of sunshine and flower-filled meadows (do I sound like a hippie yet?). There's this great hiking spot my family used to go to in Tahoe, and it just equals summer.


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