This was the view from our bedroom window last night. I couldn't sleep, so I sat by the window staring at the moon with binoculars. I could clearly see the Copernicus crater. It was pretty fabulous. 
But, I didn't know it was called the Copernicus crater until I found this map of the moon's surface. Tonight, print out this map, go outside and look at the moon with binoculars. It'll be great!

By the way! Check out the recipe box link on the left! It has pictures and links to all of the recipes I've posted on this blog! Can you believe requies has been around for more than  a year?
I love Carl Sagan and I love apple pies. But I mentioned Carl Sagan first so please watch this video.
I used to play a lot of video games. I really liked Zelda and Mario games, Wario world, Ace Attorney, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Portal, even World of Warcraft. But sadly, though I often reminisce about being joyfully immersed in these games my love for them has waned. I don't know if it's just because I'm getting older (I hope not) or if I have less time, or less patience but now I rarely play video games, with one exception. 

Jared showed me this amazing youtube video a few years ago, in which there are a series of machines that accomplish a simple task via the guided movement of a marble. But the best part about this video, is that after each marble reached its destination you hear a simple melody of Japanese mystery words, something like itakura zuichi. This melody is very catchy, and honestly gets stuck in my head even now, years later. I've always wanted to be able to sing that little song after I witness or accomplish something that works out just right, against all odds. Like maybe, going through a light right before it turns red, catching a fragile falling object before it hits the ground, or getting to the train right before it leaves.

So, this video and the accompanying song represent enjoying little unlikely successes. Even though I think about it a lot, I have never been able to find it again. How would I even search for it? I tried typing in what the Japanese song sounds like to me, itakura zuichi, but since that is surely just gibberish it yielded no results. 

But today, after much internet detective work, all that has changed! I finally found the video! *sings* Pitagora Suitichi!
Behold! The first official meme referencing episode 90 of Case Closed!!!