I really enjoyed showing you guys some of my favorite prints a few days ago. I found even more that I really like which I think would be perfect in a kitchen or dining room. Click on the image to access the artists' etsy shop.
from mediumcontrol $22
A simple but eye-catching reminder. Do you guys sit down at a table to eat every meal? Jared and I usually eat dinner at TV tables as we watch Star Trek. I'm not ashamed! When  I picture our future though, with children, we're definitely eating around a table as a family. I wonder if it will really be like that!
from handz $19
I love the mid-century inspiration in this print. But the simplicity and primary colors seem distinctly modern. Love it!
from SweetFineDay $28
This print is simultaneously eye-catching, stylish, unique and immensely helpful! I can't tell you how many times I google "1 cup = how many tablespoons?" It also comes in different colors, but I like this pumpkin color the best.

Thanks Jan, Jenna and Kristy for letting me post your images!

Decorating kitchens is hard! Do you guys have any tips?

07/13/2011 09:39

I love that red and blue one! I think putting houseplants in the kitchen, especially little pots of herbs, would be a great way to decorate.

Oh, and to answer your pinterest question: it's University of Chicago Local Alliance of Crocheters and Knitters (UCLACK)


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