We just moved into our new apartment, and our walls are bare waiting to display some beautiful art. Here are my favorite pieces I've found so far. Click on the images for links to where they can be purchased. 
"Jelly Crop" by Amanda James. $25 at Prints by Amanda James
Stunning isn't it? Could that be a pun, because jellyfishes stun people? Why not? I love the electric teal, the details and the cropped perspective. It reminds me of one of my favorite animes, Princess Jellyfish, and also of many trips to the beach with family.
"Texas, Deep in the Heart" by Cindy Tomczyk. $30 at Paper Parasol Press
Do I even need to explain why I love this print? Texas will always be our home. We're sojourners here in Illinois, no matter how long we stay . I also love the crisp, simple design, the primary colors, and the vintage, kitschy inspiration.
"The Great Lakes" by Marnie Karger. $35 on Crafterall
Illinois is pretty great though! I've had my eye on this paper cut art for some time now. I love the depth it gives to the Great Lakes, and the colors remind me of cold, immense Lake Michigan.
"Abstract 1" by Ashley Goldberg. $20 at AshleyG
I already have one of Ashley G's prints called Knitty Knitty. Love it! The colors in Abstract 1 just make me happy! When I look at it I hear bossa nova in my head! There's definitely something tropical about the abstract shapes to me. I see waves, shells and tiny fish.
"Home Sweet Home" by Rosie Music. $26 at rosiemusic.
I will definitely buy this print someday, it's just too perfect! It is exactly like Jared and I! Jared plays the bass, for those of you who don't know, and I knit, which you all know. If only the girl also had glasses, and there were no cats. They're very cute, but Jared is allergic! Maybe I could ask Rosie to make me a custom print! In addition to the similarities to our leisure activities, I love the green color  motif and the serenity captured by the artist. They all look so peaceful and content, I love love love it! She has a whole series of these prints in her store, I bet you could find one that reflects your interests!

So what do you think, which prints are your favorites? 

Thanks to Amanda, Cindy, Marnie, Ashley and Rosie for letting me post these images of their beautiful artwork!

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