It's time to start making crafty holiday decorations, so you can have them up by December 1st...or today, if you're a crazy person like me. I put up our Christmas tree today, and I've been listening to Christmas music since Halloween. I can't help it! 
These crocheted snowflakes are soooo easy to make. I can hardly crochet anything, and I can make about a million of these in a day. You can make ornaments out of them (these make a nice simple gift for coworkers), or a garland, which is what I'm working on.

 If you are new to crochet, or would like to learn, you should try this pattern. You only need to know how to chain, single crochet, double crochet and slip stitch, and I'm sure you can find youtube videos demonstrating each of those steps for you. In fact, I'll find them for you!
There! Now you know everything you need to know to make those awesome snowflakes.

What holiday crafts do you like to make? Could you share a link with instructions?