I love Carl Sagan and I love apple pies. But I mentioned Carl Sagan first so please watch this video.
I used to play a lot of video games. I really liked Zelda and Mario games, Wario world, Ace Attorney, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Portal, even World of Warcraft. But sadly, though I often reminisce about being joyfully immersed in these games my love for them has waned. I don't know if it's just because I'm getting older (I hope not) or if I have less time, or less patience but now I rarely play video games, with one exception. 

This week Jared and I ate the following meals:
That's it! I made double portions of each and it fed us for lunch and dinner every day this week. Perhaps a bit redundant, but easy, cheap and delicious.

I've never been a big chicken salad person until this month. I spent Labor Day weekend on the beach with family. My brother in law made a chicken salad which made a perfect sandwich for the beach. Can't you picture it? Lounging on a sunny beach, being cooled by the sea breeze, eating a creamy, peppery chicken salad sandwich with just a touch of sweetness. *sigh* So, back home in landlocked Chi-burbs, I've been craving that tropical dish. I bet I'm the only person who would call chicken salad a tropical dish. Because my first true encounter with the dish was on a beach, it will always have that connotation. Lucky me! 

The Beef and Sweet Potato Turnovers, or as I like to call them "comb-overs" because it makes me giggle, are a great dish for the beginning of fall. The unlikely combination of beef, spinach, cheese and sweet potato melt together in the pastry to form a hearty, savory filling. It's a simple and satisfying dish. Plus, it travels well so it's perfect for lunch at work. 

For breakfast I've been eating Homemade Apple Pie. That's right, for breakfast, because I deserve it! My friend Alex and I baked two Apple Pies last weekend, pictures will soon be posted!
 I love knitting things for babies. As I knit, I can imagine the little guys cuddling beneath the blanket, or hugging the stuffed animal, or their little feet being warmed up by knit booties, or their sweet chubby arms fitting through the arms of a sweater. Don't you love babies?! Here are a few things that I have knit for the babies among my family and friends.
Jared and I are trying to eat more like locavores, meaning, eating things that are grown or raised within 100 or so miles of where you live. Before yesterday, we hardly ate any local food at all, so we are just beginning this experiment and so far so good! The main reason to eat food from your area is it cuts down on the pollution required to transport food around the world and your food will be fresher since it has less distance to travel to get to you. Plus, you get to support your local farmers, ranchers, butchers, bakers et cetera. You can read more about it here.