For the past few months I've been working on a secret needlepoint project! I couldn't wait to finish it to show you the process pictures, so I had to show them now! I won't tell you who it's for or what it will be when it is complete. I even had to distort one of the pictures to preserve sensitive information!  As soon as I finish it I'll show you the completed product!
I have this navy cover up that is perfect for the beach, but it's a bit plain. I was inspired by the anchor on the tag and thought an anchor applique would make the hoodie more unique and visually interesting. 

For Christmas I got an awesome book called Embroider Everything that comes with a lot of iron-on patterns. It has an iron-on anchor, so it was perfect! I ironed the drawing onto a white piece of felt, then decided what color I wanted the anchor to be. I decided to go with classic yellow.
Then I stitched up the anchor and cut off the excess felt.
Then I sewed it straight onto my hoodie! Easy peasy!
I was nervous about how the badge would hold up after being washed, but it still looks great! Seriously guys, everyone should get into needlepoint. I did this whole project in about two hours and all the materials are really cheap. Think about it!

FYI: I was not paid to advertise for Embroider Everything, but it is a really great book! If you are interested in needle point you should totally get it.
My sister had twins! Yes, over a month ago, but I've never mentioned little Caleb and Connor on my blog before, cause I'm not a very good blogger. But we can still celebrate, yaaay!

My sister asked me to decorate a baby shower for her and I made this banner. It was such a blast to make. Again, I used directions from the Home Ec course. It's really worth the cost!
I know, I know. There should be an apostrophe after the t. In fact it should say "They're twins." But that would be too long. I couldn't figure out if the apostrophe should have its own circle or if it should just be next to the t. The crafter in me decided to leave it out, but my grammar elitist side cringes every time I look at this picture!

Discuss: What is more important in a creative endeavor, beauty or  correct grammar? : ) 
Check out this cute little lady I made for my niece on her 2nd birthday! I used the instructions from that Home Ec course I'm always raving about. Right now my sewing machine is all packed up in a moving truck somewhere on his way to our new apartment. I can't wait to get him out and start sewing again! (It's a he because it's a Brother machine.) In the meantime, I'll just post some old projects I've made but been too busy to write about.

This is a great project for new seamsters because you basically make your own pattern and use whatever colors/patterns you want. I had these fabrics on hand that I thought complemented each other well.
Then I drew this simple pattern.
I cut out all the fabric pieces, embroidered some eyes and a little nose on the face, and then made some changes to the pattern. I realized the round tummy would fray if I just sewed it on as I originally planned, and I didn't know how to fix that with my mediocre skills, so I just made it a rectangle instead.
Then I sewed all the pieces on the front and back.
I also made a yarn pom pom and sewed it on the back by hand. See that bunching when I sewed the tummy onto the orange fabric? I don't know what happened there! Anyone have tips for how to avoid that? 

Then I sewed the front and back together, so the bunny is inside out.
I left a space so I can turn the bunny outside out, and then stuff it. You have to sew that opening by hand, it was totally the hardest part for me.
For some reason the ears curve in towards each other after I turned the bunny outside out. Like I said, I have mediocre skills. Does anyone know how I could have kept the ears from going all wonky jog? 

In the end, she's still real cute right? I love her, and I hope Delaney will too!
Yesterday Jared and I went to some of our favorite places in Austin when we were in college: Bouldin Creek Cafe for coffee and Polvos for fajitas. It was a great day. Jared worked on his story while I finished some needlework and wrote blog posts at Bouldin Creek, pretty perfect!

Happy 4th of July! What are your plans?
We made it to Austin! When we crossed the Texas border there was this amazing rest stop with tons of photo ops. I was so happy I cried, I'm not even exaggerating! There were so many people there with big, friendly smiles taking pictures of each other in front of different signs. 

We're in Austin, but we're not quite settled yet. So, forgive me for not blogging a lot; it's been quite busy with all the little moving details. I plan to go to one of my favorite coffee places today and blog like crazy. That will definitely be a nice break!