I used to play a lot of video games. I really liked Zelda and Mario games, Wario world, Ace Attorney, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Portal, even World of Warcraft. But sadly, though I often reminisce about being joyfully immersed in these games my love for them has waned. I don't know if it's just because I'm getting older (I hope not) or if I have less time, or less patience but now I rarely play video games, with one exception. 
The new Professor Layton game is out! *dances* Last night, we saw a commercial for the new Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. We immediately dropped what we were doing, got in the car and bought it. Upon arrival at home, I proceeded to play the game until I fell asleep. 

I love everything about this game! It is primarily a puzzle game, so that's enough to buy it already, but it also has an Anime, Anglophile, Steampunk style.

This is what the gameplay is like: you are traveling through this amazingly detailed world with Professor Layton, a charming, dignified, Sherlock-Holmesian puzzle master and his devoted apprentice, Luke. As they gain clues to solve  a time travel mystery, the duo encounters over 100 delightfully challenging puzzles. Remember, according to the dear professor, "a true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved." I even like the commercial!
Do you like playing video games? Which ones are your favorites? If not video games, what is your favorite timesink? Share in the comments!

09/26/2010 12:22

Are we ever too old to play games? May it never be! Maybe it's just the games you choose to play is changing...


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