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I saw this questionnaire from Craftzine on Wild Olive earlier this month and thought I would share my own answers. You should, too! Click on the button to get one for your own blog and answer this survey yourself. It's fun to be reflective every once in a while!
One project you are particularly fond of
1. The Shale baby blanket. I think the pattern is a work of art! and I love that I wouldn't have been able to knit it two years ago. Yay for progress!

Two mistakes you've made in the past
1. Not thinking about how my actions affect others.
2. Ruining a sweater (and its yarn) by trying to salvage the yarn. I basically just cut it in half, what was I thinking?!
Three things that make your work unique
1. For knits: I try to use timeless designs with classic colors.
2. For embroidery: I'm basically just making up stitches as I go!
3. For cooking: Recipes with few ingredients.
Four tools you love to use
1. Interchangeable circular needles
2. Food processor
3. New dutch oven!
4. Ceramic loaf pans

Five inspirations (I'm going to limit myself to people who inspire me creatively. There are so many spiritual and professional role models in my life!)
1. Allison Gray. When I first saw her knitting, I knew I wanted to do it too! Not to mention the well of inspiration that is her blog.
2. Jared Flood. He shows me how beautiful knits can be.
3. Mollie Johanson. She makes embroidery seem easy!
4. Ashley Ann. Her photography and crafts are incredible, but her informative directions make them very accessible.
5. Judy Clack (my mother in law). I love her confidence that enables her to try new things, like watercolor painting!

If you answer these questions on your own blog, be sure to share a link in the comments. I'd love to read it! Also share it with Craftzine by clicking on the button at the top.

07/30/2011 19:43

Aww...you're too sweet! I'm honored to be an inspiration.

And I love the interchangeable needles too! My grandma was the one who got me using them...

07/30/2011 21:56

Thanks, Molly! I miss you a ton, and I think we should try to plan a knitting get-together soon :) There must be a million things to catch up on.


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